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Kyuki-Do is designed to be practical, versatile, and effective at a variety of different ranges and in a variety of different situations. The Tae Kwon Do - derived kicks and strikes provide excellent power at medium and long range, while the throws, locks, chokes and joint manipulation of Judo and Hapkido allow for effective close range fighting and grappling.


Kyuki-Do is more than just an effective system of self-defense; it is a martial art that encourages students to realize their own potential, physically, mentally and spiritually. Students of Kyuki-Do learn discipline, self-control, patience, persistence and respect for themselves and others. Students are expected to continually strive to perfect themselves, both in the studio and in every other area of their life.

Head Instructor - Mark Allman
Registration: Open Enrollment

Cost: $45 per month

$40 per month for the 3rd+ family member*

* This discount only applies to immediate familiy living at the same address
Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
6:15 p.m. Youth (6-12 years old)
7:15 p.m. Adult (13 years old and older)
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